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J & K Antiques and Estate Sales, LLC

Household content liquidators



Elderly parent moving into assisted living?

Death in the family?

Moving out of state?

Inherited a home from a relative?


Whatever the situation these transitions are filled with mixed emotions. It is important for the process to start with a friendly, no cost/no obligation visit so a meaningful conversation can start about what possible ways the house can be emptied with minimal disruption.

Houses come in all sorts of conditions: from immaculate homes— perfectly kept by a meticulous person on the one extreme, to a house jammed full of all sorts of things, often broken or in disarray — items kept or hoarded over a lifetime. We have seen them all. Nothing comes as a surprise.

Whatever we find, we always think we can assist in selling all the contents of the house, in a timely fashion meeting the needs of the client.

Our description of services document summarizes how we deal with most of the tasks we have faced. It sets forth fees, expenses, procedures, what folks can expect from us and a timeframe for completion of the job.


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